Hey Y'all,

I'm Gable

Welcome to the Show

Hi Y'all, My name is Gable and I'm a singer, songwriter and so much more. There is absolutely no way I could tell you everything about me in a few sentences so I'll fill you in on the most important details. I spent my child hood in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. When I was about nine or so, my parents decided to move the family back to Dallas, Texas where they had grown up. I spent many of those years exploring the world around me and getting into trouble. As I got older, my family started going out into the country more and I took up an interest in music. So I auditioned to join the music studio of Cherry Hanse, a local music teacher, and made it. I spent about nine years learning under her wing; training in opera, jazz, broadway and American Folk music. Thanks to Mrs.Cherry, I was given more opportunities than I could have ever hoped for. I won ribbons in music festivals, won numerous competitions and even got to sing at Carnegie Hall as part of their high school honors performance series. After about eight years, it was time for me to decide whether or not I wanted to continue doing music. Around this time, I'd started learning the guitar and writing my own songs. I knew I wanted to do something different but hadn't quite found what that was.College was a no-brainer for my family, there was no they were going to let me get away with not going. I knew I didn't want to teach but still wanted to be able to work with music in some capacity. So, I decided to go to Belmont University and major in music business. Once I got to Belmont, I took a year off to try out a couple of different career choices. At this point I was EXTREMELY burned out from competitions and wan't sure I wanted to continue doing music at all. I tried everything from accounting to Zoology but nothing gave me as much joy as music. So, I decided to go back to doing what I loved and I've been doing it ever since.