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Gable Live!


Once upon a time, only a few years ago, I sang a song I wrote at my high school graduation. The song was called Adventure, and it was inspired by all of the things I was dreaming of doing once I left my home town. Unfortunately, I was more unsure of what I wanted than I thought, and I took a year away from music to explore all of the possible things I could do with my life. After a year of trying everything from Accounting to Zoology, music was still my muse and I had to heed her call. As I was playing shows and growing as an artist I knew I wanted to release a song. Ultimately, I decided on releasing Adventure. The song has followed me through my life and taken on a new meaning with each chapter. Now, I'm excited to present to you Adventure reimagined. Coming soon...

Here, you'll be able to find upcoming dates for shows near you! Including writers rounds, open mics and more! There are no shows scheduled for right now but be sure to check back soon. 

   - Gable 


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