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Introducing Gable's highly anticipated self-titled EP, featuring five unforgettable tracks that showcase the artist's raw emotional power and songwriting prowess. From the haunting melodies of "Rumor Mill" to the uplifting message of "Diamond in a Rhinestone World," this EP is a journey through the heart and soul of Gable's music. The EP also includes "Lookin' for Trouble," a toe-tapping country-rock number that's perfect for road trips and summer drives. "Cicada Summer" is a nostalgic ballad that captures the bittersweet feeling of summertime memories, while "Birds of Blessing (Cardinals in the Snow)" is a hauntingly beautiful track that blends folk and indie influences. Each track on this EP is a testament to Gable's unique vision and creative talent, and it's easy to see why this release has been so highly anticipated. With its powerful lyrics, haunting melodies, and raw emotional power, Gable's self-titled EP is a must-have for any music lover.


Gable - The EP

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