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Gable's self-titled EP is an eagerly anticipated debut from an exciting new artist. With its powerful lyrics, haunting melodies, and raw emotional power, the EP has been highly anticipated by music fans and industry insiders alike. Here, you can discover the stories behind the songs that helped establish Gable's musical career. 

Rumor Mill

"Rumor Mill" is a standout track on Gable's self-titled EP, and it's also the artist's first release. Inspired by the way she saw rumors and whispers affect people in her hometown, Gable wrote this song as a call-out to those who participate in gossip, whether it be good, bad, or ugly. Through its powerful lyrics and  melody, "Rumor Mill" captures the frustration that comes with being the subject of rumors and whispers. It's a reminder that gossip can be hurtful, and that the truth will always prevail in the end. With its raw emotional power, "Rumor Mill" is a testament to Gable's songwriting prowess and an unforgettable introduction to this exciting new artist.

“Diamond in a Rhinestone World" is a deeply personal and inspiring song that reflects Gable's personal struggles with body image and self-worth. Through its lyrics and melody, the song serves not only as an encouragement to others but to Gable herself. 

In today's world, where unrealistic and harmful body standards are perpetuated by the media, the fashion industry, and social media, it's easy to feel like you don't measure up. Gable wrote this song to remind herself and others that we are all diamonds in a rhinestone world, unique and beautiful in our own way, and that we should never let anyone make us feel otherwise. With its honest and raw lyrics, the song encourages listeners to embrace their own unique beauty and to reject the unrealistic and unhealthy standards that society imposes.

Diamond in A 

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